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Model of a Frog Dissection. Photo by Jasmine Doan.


Animal Kingdom Song

From Dr. Sandy Buczynski, audio courtesy of Mrs. Roberta Hodara

To the tune of "This Old Man"

The animal kingdom can be fun

when you name each phylum one by one

from Porifera all the way to you,

you'll learn all nine before we're through.

Porifera have many pores

they're sponges found along the ocean floor,

you can use them on the car, you can use them in the tub,

you can use them when they're grown or just a little bud.

A Cnideria is never dull,

With its sting and tentacles,

Like the coral and the man o' war,

Hydra, jellyfish and many more.

Platyhelminthes, worms that are flat,

Planaria and tapeworms, whadaya think of that

Try Nematoda, what a lovely sound

These little critters are always round.

If it has spiny skin and lives in water,

It must be an Echinodermata,

But if it's segmented and it likes to squirm,

It belongs to Annelida they are worms.

Snails and squid are really neat,

Clams and oysters are good to eat,

Mollusca is the phylum name,

Their soft bodies are their fame.

Nearing the end we have Arthropods,

They have jointed legs on their bods,

Crustaceans, insects and creeping little spiders,

Many are delicious but many are biters.

Now there's just one phylum more,

It's the one you've been waiting for,

Chordata is a favorite you see,

From frogs to crows to the chimpanzee.


The animal kingom can be fun,

When you name each phylum one by one,

From Porifera, all the way to you,

If you've learned all nine, give yourself a
(all rights reserved by Dr. B)

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